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Winter 2017/2018 News Letter

Symbion Power-Kivu 56, Rwanda

Antares is currently under taking the detailed design of a methane gas extraction system in Lake Kivu Rwanda for Symbion Power. This consists of offshore barges, with risers and underwater separators, and pipeline to a new onshore gas plant to wash the gas ready for power generation.

Symbion Power-KP1 FEED Study, Rwanda

In 2017 AES undertook the FEED study for the conversion of the Rwandan governments existing test methane extraction plant, KP1, to expand power generation capacity to 50MW.

Jasalindo/P&I Club- Thorco Cloud Survey & Oil Removal, Indonesia

Antares carried out the Project Management, Engineering and Offshore Management for the survey and removal of heavy fuel oil from sunken wreck Thorco Cloud in shipping lane between Batam & Singapore.   All work was done from DP vessel using ROV only with purpose designed ROV operable oil recovery system.

Winter 2016/2017 News Letter

Chevron Nigeria Ltd – Meren subsea power cable Installation, Nigeria

Antares, with our local partner Erha J, completed the engineering, transportation, installation and testing of 3km offshore power cable in water depth of 17m from a DP AHT linking two offshore platforms. Meren field is located in federal offshore waters off Delta State, Nigeria.

Hess – Bergading FSO Installation, Malaysia

Antares, in partnership with Amaniaga, undertook the installation of the nine 30m long 1.5m diameter suction piles along with 620m long 130mm diameter mooring chains. In addition two SETP piles and chains were also installed. The works was completed from the DOF vessel, Skandi Hercules and POE Giant 22 materials barge.

The next phase of the project in 2018 shall see the hook-up of turret mounted FSO Bergading and installation of 2.2km 6”flexible flowline.

Winter 2015/2016 News Letter

Vestigo Petroleum –Tembikai Oil Field Development, Malaysia

In partnership with Amaniaga, Antares undertook the installation of the eight 15Te drag anchors and associated 600m long mooring chains along with the Hook-up of the 8 point moored Floating, Offloading, Installation and Storage (FOIS) vessel.  The installation and commissioning of the 700m long 6” Manuli flexible flowline between the FOIS to the Central Processing Platform (CPP) in 70m water depth from the Anchor handler WinPosh Resolve utilising AES’s crane less flowline deployment system.

McDermott - DLV 2000 Stinger Load Monitoring System, Singapore

Antares designed and supplied McDermott, with a complete stinger monitoring system for the Derrick Lay Vessel DLV2000.

The system comprises 46No. Load cell pins to gauge all (14No.) roller box pipe loads, 3No. Pressure / depth sensors & angle / pitch sensors. In addition, seven heavy duty colour CCTV cameras with high brightness ‘Helios 25K’ LED flood -lamps, complete the stinger mounted sensors. Stainless steel junction boxes at the stinger sections, interconnected by armored marine cables, run to the stern control shack where the PLC / HMI touch screen panel are situated.

Antares Energy supplied all hardware, PM and engineering support for the complete and integrated system. Antares Energy called on the services of Oceanvision (Singapore), Northbridge Load Cell Services (Singapore), Dynamic Load Monitoring (UK) & OceanTools (UK) among others.


Winter 2014/2015 News Letter

SPDC – FYIP Flare-Down Offshore Works, Nigeria

The Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) of Nigeria Limited was upgrading and automating its Forcados/Yokri field which straddles the mouth of the Forcados River.

The works that were performed comprised of onshore and offshore cable installation.

The offshore work was undertaken in 0m to 12m water depth across the river estuary utilising the Halani Offshore 1 barge and a cable lay and trenching spread.


McDermott - DLV 2000 Stinger Roller Box Design and Build, Singapore

McDermott contracted Seagull-Antares to design and build the 13 roller boxes for the deepwater stinger installed on their flag ship vessel DLV 2000. The design was under taken by our design team in Houston and the Antares team in Singapore over saw the construction by our joint venture partners Seagull Marine utilising high strength materials. This was the first equipment of this type manufactured in Singapore.

Winter 2013/2014 News Letter

Kikeh Shock Absorbers

Kikeh Shock Absorbers Render

Antares Enery Solutions were contracted by MISC Berhad Ltd to provide Engineering design and consultancy services to provide a solution to minimise impact schock loading during a heavy lift operation on the Kikeh FPSO. Antares Energy Solutions developed a damping/soft landing system for the Kikeh FPSO Heavy Lift Project, located 120km north-west of Labuan, Malaysia.

Antares Energy Solutions undertook the fast track from Conceptional design, manufacture and testing of a soft landing system that would accommodate any shock/impact loads during the installation of the 150Te accommodation module onto the FPSO Navigation bridge roof, whilst it remained on station.

The cylinders were pre-charged with compressed air and fully extended, as the load was applied the cylinder.Kikeh Shock Absorbers The cylinders were then further compressed as load was landed and the absorption from the shock loads taken in the cylinders.

A total of six cylinders were manufactured and utilised for the project specific lifting operation during which they performed faultlessly. In addition Antares prepared an Operations Manual and a full As Built Dossier. The entire project was completed within a six week period.

Eastern Hub Mercury Removal (EHMR) Project

AES were contracted by Hallin Marine PTE Ltd to provide Project Management, Onshore Engineering, and Offshore Engineering support for the Belanak field operated by Conoco Phillips is situated in the West Natuna, Indonesia.

Antares scope of work was the installation of a new 6” duplex riser and 13 riser clamps at WHP-A platform, 4km of 6” flexible flowline, 6" PLEM spool and 6" dynamic riser to the Belanak FPSO.

Eastern Hub Mercury RemovalEastern Hub Mercury Removal

Key points of Antares role in the project are listed below.

  • Liaise with the end client to provide installation procedures and drawings.
  • Installation analysis of the flexible flowline and dynamic riser.
  • Design and build the required installation aides in conjunction with Seagull Antares.
  • Selection and procurement support for lay-spread equipment.
  • Mobilisation of DSV Ullswater with two 9.2m reels and under rollers and associated equipment.
  • Engineering supervision for all the offshore installation activities.
  • Fast-track engineering and installation completed the project successfully on time, on budget and safely.

Cillamaya – l-Pargi Gas Export pipeline by-pass project


AES were engaged by PT Timas for the design, fabrication and installation engineering for the following subsea structures which formed part of the I-Pargi Gas Export pipeline bypass project.

1 No 24” Pipeline Manifold and, 1 No 24” in line valve skid c/w flanged mechanical connectors

1 No 20” Pipeline Manifold and, 1 No 20” in line valve skid c/w flanged mechanical connectors

1 No 14” Pipeline Manifold and, 1 No 14” in line valve skid c/w flanged mechanical connectors

3 No Hot Tap protection structures

3 No In Line Valve Spool protection structures

This was a particularly fast track project with just ten weeks from receipt of the initial work order to load out of the finished structure at the Seagull Marine owned and operated quayside. A true marker for the total integrated package that Antares are able to offer our clients.

AES were further engaged by Hallin Marine to provide project management, Installation Engineering and Procurement support for the entire offshore installation works related to the offshore phase of this project. In the period from 25th July to 28th September utilising the DSV Carlisle and DSV Ullswater the following task were completed in time and budget, against a very demanding schedule.

  • Installation of 8 No Pipeline crossings
  • Installation of 2 No pipeline manifolds
  • Large scale seabed dredging and pipeline concrete removal
  • Metrology and installation of 7 No Rigid spoolpieces
  • Large scale seabed dredging and pipeline concrete removal
  • Performed 9 No Hot Taps including Stopple Installation
  • Performed 6 No Pipeline Cold Cuts
  • Installed 3 No In Line Valve Spools c/w flanged mechanical connectors
  • Installed 6 No protection frames
  • Perform isolation and field bypass operations

Eastern Hub Mercury Removal

Winter 2012/2013 News Letter

Seagull Antares Pte Ltd

Antares Energy Solutions and Seagull Marine are proud to announce the joint venture company Seagull Antares Pte Ltd competing in the Design and Fabrication of structures and equipment for the offshore industry.

Seagull AntaresThe first project for detail design and fabrication of 3 No Net Guard structures for FMC Technologies is now complete. The structures were designed to meet all industry standards for wellhead protection and overtrawlability. The structures were fabricated by Seagull Antares at the Tonoto yard in Tuas, Singapore for load out directly onto the transportation barge.


Completed and Current Projects

Antares Energy Solutions Pte Ltd has completed three projects this autumn two with Hallin Marine in Indonesia and one as client representatives for Thanglong in Vietnam. We are currently working on Banyu Urip project for Rekayasa Industi.

Jangkar Umbilical Replacement, Client Hallin Marine

AES were engaged by Hallin Marine to provide Project Management, Installation Engineering and Procurement Support for the installation of 6.2km of hydraulic umbilical for their contract with PT Timas Suplindo.

Jangkar Umbilical ReplacementThe old umbilical was disconnected and wet stored to one side and the new lay route surveyed. Concrete mattresses were placed at the crossing locations. The new free issue 88mm Dia, hydraulic control umbilical was pulled into the KH platform and successfully laid away and stabbed into Jangkar subsea wellhead. Successful tests were completed on the well by Star Energy and production restarted.


PCP-PF Power Cable Installation, Client Hallin Marine

Hallin Marine engaged AES to undertake Project Management, Offshore Engineering Support and Procurement Support for their installation contract with PHE.

Power Cable InstallationSOV Ullswater surveyed the new lay route and the pull-in of the cable onto PCP platform, via the preinstalled I-tube, then proceeded. The lay away to PF platform commenced, including the installation of Uraduct for the pipeline crossings. The cable was laid in a lazy ‘S’ configuration in front of PF platform. After the successful pull-in at PF platform, the cable was then successfully tested by PHE and was found to be fully functional.

Client representation, for Thanglong

Thanglong Joint Operating Company were awarded the contract for the installation and hook-up of two platforms and associated subsea pipelines Thanglong Client Representationfor the development of the HST and HSD fields located in Block 15 2/01 in Vietnam by Petrovietnam Technical Services Corporation.

Saipem were subcontracted by Thanglong to carry out the offshore works.

AES were contracted to Thanglong to provide client representation aboard the Saipem vessels to supervise the work scope.

Banyu Urip, for Rekayasa Industi

Rekayasa Industi has been awarded the EPC contract for Banyu Urip in Cepu Tuban, East Java which is owned by Mobil Cepu Limited (MCL), a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil.

AES provided the engineering installation / fabrication team for the preparation and execution of the offshore phase of the works for Rekayasa Industi.

This EPC project comprises of installation of 23km of 20” pipeline – including beach pull, and deployment of a 2,600 metric ton Mooring Tower at a water depth of 33 meters.